3 Weeks Left to Get Into {Dev:unplugged}


We believe that HTML5 and related technologies, in conjunction with faster and faster browsers, finally give developers the tools they need to create experiences that are just as vivid, interactive and high-fidelity as what you have come to expect from native applications without the need for plug-ins. We want to see what you can do unplugged. Push HTML5 to its limits and compete for over $40,000 in prizes. The Grand Prize winner will receive $9,000 in cash and a fully-loaded trip with a Golden Ticket to the Future of Web Apps Conference in Las Vegas on June 27th.

Submission deadline on May 8. Don't wait, enter your app today!

More details at https://contest.beautyoftheweb.com/ .

Details also on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/microsoftstudent/posts/142647012472551

Check out the submissions so far, but there’s room left for more cool submissions. Cash and hardware await the winners…


Contest Details

Key Dates:

· Submit your App idea: March 1st – May 8th

· View entries in the Gallery: April 5th– May 8th

· Top 40 Finalist Gallery update: May 12th-May 22nd

· View the winners: on or around May 23rd

File Size & Format:

· Please upload a .pptx, .ppt, or .pptm file.

· Your entry must be 5MB (5,000 kilobytes) or smaller. Please minimize
the size of the file and try again.

· Note: your App has to be live on a website so we can test it. Don’t
have hosting yet? https://www.microsoft.com/web/hosters/browse.aspx.

Judging Criteria:

· Gaming Category = fun, addictive, easy to play.

· Music Category = beautiful, hypnotic, choreographed


Some Reading Assistance

· How to Build Asteroids with the Impact HTML5 Game Engine

· How to Build an HTML5 Music Visualizer using EaselJS