Acropolis and SCSF/CAB

I was reading John Mullinax's blog. He has an interesting post on Popfly where he built a HLD DPE NewsReader - what a cool idea on how to apply Popfly.  Then, reading his blog got me to another post on Acropolis, which led me to Kathy Kam's blog entry, Acropolis vs SCSF/CAB FAQ. She's on the Acropolis team.

One interesting comment on her blog that was another new fact for me: " With the announcement of Acropolis, we currently have no further plans for SCSF releases. That being said, our customers should rest assured that we are not dropping support for SCSF. We will continue to support the forums, provide fixes and assist customers in their implementations."

That led me to Glenn Block's blog. He's on the Patterns & Practices team, and he says the following about Acropolis: "Well Acropolis is a next generation platform for building the kinds of applications that you currently build with CAB. Make no mistake, Acropolis is not just another version of CAB. Acropolis takes the concepts of CAB to levels that folks in p&p might have never dreamed. With Acropolis you basically define your entire application in a very rich designer environment... "

So, now I'm ready to see Kathy's presenations at TechEd. Can't wait for these sessions to be posted:

  • DEV 302 David Hill   Windows .NET Client: Introducing the “Acropolis” Client Application Framework
  • DEV 318 Kathy Kam Windows .NET Client: Building Rich Client UI with the “Acropolis” Framework  
  • DEV13-TLC David Hill / Kathy Kam  Windows .NET Client: “Acropolis” Client  Application Framework
  • DEV16 "Acropolis" Lab - available at the North HOL area in the BLUE section

Other resources of interest: