DEV332: Enhancing Pinned Sites with Windows Internet Explorer 9

This was my second session at TechEd. (I described my first here.) This session is obviously focused on site pinning, one of my favorite topics. In this session, as I described the fundamental pieces to site pinning, I showed other implementations as well as a mock conversation of how I would demo to (building out a demo for them through the presentation). The video can be found here.

This is the outline:

  • The Value of Pinning
    • a list of measured learning's from IE Marketing
  • How To Pin
    • From the end user viewpoint
    • Favicon
  • Fundamentals
    • Jump Lists
      • Static
      • Dynamic
      • Inplace Navigation
    • Notification
      • Icon Overlay
      • Activating the taskbar button
    • Thumbnail Preview Buttons
  • Other Considerations
    • Analytics / Instrumentation
    • Discovery
    • Feature Detection
      • Non-IE browsers
      • Windows Vista issues
    • Pinify, formerly ie9ify