Expression Studio 3 Available to All MSDN Premium Subscribers

Yes, way! Expression 3 is cool, and now MSDN Premium customers can get all of the new version of Expression.


Expression Web

Expression Web makes creating compliant standards-based Web sites faster and easier...

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Expression Blend

Expression Blend is the tool for interaction design on the Silverlight and .NET platforms and enables user experience concepts to be delivered with full fidelity, from the initial prototype to the completed project...

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From simple prototypes that are wireframes featuring low fidelity visuals to prototypes that are high fidelity, fully interactive and data driven, SketchFlow gives you the flexibility to experiment, evolve and demonstrate your concepts and ideas to clients in the most effective way possible. You have total flexibility and total control from concept to completion…

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Expression Design

Expression Design is a professional design tool for creating graphics content that can be used within the authoring applications in Expression Studio: Expression Blend and Expression Web...

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Expression Encoder

Expression Encoder 3 provides the power of industry leading encoding, in a simple approachable interface to make it easy to prepare video for use in a variety of ways, including Silverlight on the Web…

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