How To Get a Job At Microsoft

A request that seems to come up all the time for me in social circles, "how can I find a job at Microsoft?". I don't blame people for asking. The benefits beat anything around. I'm working with some very talented people - and it drives me. We are encouraged to make a difference in our own unique ways. We're paid well. We've got plenty of good things happening in the company. I just can't beat this deal right now. And I'm glad to tell folks that I like my job, my team, and my company. Another bit of good news - it's not that hard to start a job search at Microsoft.

One little known fact about Microsoft is that we have recruiters on staff. The lady that I worked with was instrumental in my hiring. She was available for all of my questions and she was very supportive. I might have been "high maintenance"... (Hi Lauren! ) When folks ping me about looking for a Microsoft job, I'm connect them to these recruiters who know what is hot at Microsoft and they go to work for you.

Another way to start the search is to check out the Microsoft Careers site. One can go to the Search Jobs page, enter in some filtering parameters like geography, role, or product. For example, one might enter in their city – like Memphis. Hey…..

Today, I see that there is a TAM position being advertised in Memphis. If you're interested, give me a shout. TAM's (or Technical Account Managers) are an important role in Microsoft. If you can juggle, be an advocate for the customer, act and communicate professionally internally and externally, and know just a little about technology, then this might be a good way in the door. Be sure to check out the job description and post a resume.