IE8’s Personalize Button

One of the ways to see IE8’s potential is through the Personalize Button. When IE8 is first installed, this button will appear in the toolbar as below. It is a web slice that highlights one of IE8 gallery partners (which anyone can become a member of). In today’s scheme, a partner is highlighted for the day. The reason that I like this feature because I get to see a different cool add-on each day, and it shows me the interesting ways that folks are thinking of using web slices, accelerators, and search extensions.



Now, what if you have IE8 but you’ve lost this button? It’s easy. Turns out that the Personalize button is a web slice that is subscribed to Just go to that site (where you’ll see the highlighted partner of the day), click the web slice button in toolbar (or on the page), and install. That’s it.