If you have a Windows Surface RT, then you’ll love this utility

While we wait for the Surface Pro to arrive, I just had to have a Surface RT device. And I really like it.  But, I have been looking for some scenarios that would take advantage of the compass. And then I found Jack of Tools, which has it’s oringin from our phone platform. This is a simple application, but it’s also effective.  I can get my direction (even when not moving, which GPS hacks have done in the past by tracking lat/long across time), speed and altitude (which GPS guys know comes when a working GPS), level, a caliper, ambient light reading, and goggles (fusion of camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer and gyroscope).


Screen shot 2


It will be interesting to see what experiences can be built with access to sensors in WinRT.  As an example, has anyone noticed what the Bing Travel app does?  If you have a Windows RT device (or device with the proper sensors), go click on the Panoramas (the tiles with the 360 logo).  You’ll be able to turn around (holding the device in front of you), and you’ll get a 3D viewing experience.  If you don’t have the right sensor access, you still can control these pictures with touch or mouse – but the motion version is way cool!.