In Office Web Application video, Jon Box gets a mention

In a recent video interview of Chris Bryant on Channel 9, he was showing off his new baby, the Office Web application Technical Preview. Around the 3:30 minute mark, some of my recent uploads to my SkyDrive happen to be timed correctly to get me a mention in the video. Even besides that, this is worth taking a look at. As I’ve said before, Chris is a top of the curve Microsoft employee – even without mentioning me.


Here’s the video description:

With the launch of the Office Web application Technical Preview, Chris Bryant (Director for Office) gives us a first look at the details of the new free Office web applications and tells us the angle as compared to other similar applications like Google Docs. We get to see a demo of the Excel Web App, Powerpoint Web App, Word Web App, and the sharing capabilities. After the demo, Developers get some insight into what you can do with the Office Web apps...

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