Internet Explorer speed

The IE8 Videos page has videos for a variety of topics. A couple that I was not aware of until today are on IE8 performance. There is some FUD out there on this topic, but this shows a different light on the topic.

Load speed is not the only way to look at performance, but I bet most of you had no idea how IE would stack up. See this video for tests against the Top 25 sites. The summary of the video is IE loads faster on: 5 of the top 10, 12 of the top 25, 3 times as many as Firefox, 1/3 more than Chrome. When IE was not the fastest, the video shows the time difference in blinks – just to indicate how competitive we are. See the Benchmark Testing video.




In the second video, Browser Testing: Real-world Scenarios, the video shows the impact with IE8 accelerators, and how they cut down the steps required for general browsing tasks – which saves time. Both of these videos are in the Case Study Videos section.

On a separate topic, note the new Sugarland web slice on