Is Edit-And-Continue a VB thing?

I've always thought that Edit-And-Continue was a nice feature, but not a must-have as some other feel. When I meet people who claim that this feature can't be lived without, I listen but I don't understand. And usually a C-minded person will jump in and make fun of the conversation. One thing that I notice is that 99.99% of the time, it's a VB person that needs this feature. (I like VB, and use it regularly.)

And for some reason, I've always associated this feature with originating from VB5 or VB6. But, recently I learned otherwise from our internal archive service.

June 29, 1998 — Microsoft announces version 6.0 of Visual C++. New enhancements include the addition of IntelliSense technology and a new feature called Edit and Continue debugging, which allows developers to change code without leaving the debugger.

So, next time that I'm in a conversation about "Edit And Continue", I'll have the opportunity to mess with the C++ folks in the conversation (i.e. blame it on them).