Jon Box Talks Mobility on "Thirsty Developer" Show, plus a little about Chicago

Two weeks ago, I was in Chicago with the rest of the Central Region DPE team. It's always great to catch up with folks that you work with virtually and rarely see. We have a little fun but we work too. During the day, we're taking care of business - reviewing team plans (audience, customer, partner, and tools), reviewing geo-team plans (go HLD!), and we get a little education too.

On our last day, the folks from our newly constructed Chicago datacenter had their own breakout session for us and it was fantastic. The things they talked about blew me away. Can't wait until PDC for you to hear more about our efforts. (See yesterday's announcement about newly advertised sessions if you haven't gotten excited about PDC yet).

We also had a S+S panel with AvenueA|RazorFish, Sogeti, Karri Dunn (talking corp OSS Labs), and Chicago datacenter representatives. That was enjoyable too.

Hotel Sax in Chicago

For examples of fun at our offsite meeting, consider this picture, where we were eating dinner atop the John Hancock building at The Signature Room. The food was excellent, and the view was unbelievable. Thanks to Sogeti for hosting our dinner. The above picture was taken with my Blackjack II from my dining seat.

On Tuesday night, our customer evangelism team went to the Lucky Strike for some neon bowling. More fun, but none of us are changing professions. Thanks Jacquelyn for taking us out, and thanks to George Huey for organizing.

The Thirsty Developer 34 - Windows Mobile with Jon Box

Another highlight of the trip was being interviewed by Larry Clarkin, Brian Gorbett, and Dave Bost. These guys are the brains behind the Thirsty Developer, a series of development conversations with a variety of people (they had an IPhone guy on there a few episodes back). After our DPE offsite meetings, we recorded a friendly conversation in a swank room in the Hotel Sax lounge (I wished I had taken a picture of this room, because it was cool). Our interview was all about mobility, specifically developing for Windows Mobile.

Here's the show link: The Thirsty Developer 34- Windows Mobile with Jon Box

Links on topics that came up in the show:

Thanks guys for including me in the show.