Love the potential of Silverlight

Silverlight is cool. It has great potential. It's made a lot of noise, and I can't wait for the 1.0 RTM to see who all shows up on the web with Silverlight applications and controls.  I also look forward to when the 1.1 plan is ready to be discussed.

In the mean time, I like to see the application samples so far.  And most are game and consumer oriented. While I'm looking for more business application usage (Silverlight Airlines may be the closest example today), I still peek at a few Silverlight game app's just to see the innovation.

A few weeks ago I saw Tim's list of 50 Silverlight applications (a lot with source code). Although I'm growing tired of Silverlight games (looking for the business-like samples), it does make for a way to learn about Silverlight programming.

One game caught my attention because it involves Virtual Earth. Destroy All Invaders allows me to defend the Statue of Liberty, or even my own neighborhood.  By doing this, it made the game a little more personal as well as showing off an interesting twist to Silverlight by using Virtual Earth. And it comes with the source code!

Well done, Andy Beaulieu!