My First Synth

Well, I’ve been meaning to get around to building one of these for months. But, with the CNN Inauguration synth coming on Tuesday, I wanted to build one myself just to see how a Jon-made synth would come out. I thought about what would be interesting and easy to do. I thought about a room, thought about my high schooler’s newly received class ring, and then even his truck. I really wanted to get one that would have the Photosynth ring; so, I wanted something that I could rotate easily. Brainstorming with the family, I found a toy truck with some color, mounted it to a tripod, snapped 100 photos with my wife’s new Nikon D60, uploaded the pictures, and bam! Lickety split, here’s the H2 Hummer Toy Truck synth.


Overall, it’s fine. It’s really not as smooth as I wanted, so I’ll have to figure out how to address that in my shooting scheme. The detail of the truck, especially when zooming is very nice. I’ll probably just check out the How To Synth page, and read the Photosynth Photography Guide.

I’m not done yet, for sure. I’ll be doing another one in the near future. Just looking for a target object!