.NET StockTrader 2.0 and Configuration Service 2.0 now live on MSDN!

As you may have seen a year ago, Microsoft released .NET StockTrader 1.0 to show how .NET 3.0 could work in the context of the IBM WebSphere's Trade 6.1 reference application. We've now upgraded ours to reflect the enhancements in .NET 3.5 and Windows Server 2008. The new one is called .NET StockTrader 2.0, and it comes with a ton of guidance, documentation, and source. Below is one of the findings, showing how well WCF and WS 2008 performs.


Those are impressive numbers, but then look at "price performance" (Cost Per Transactions-Per-Second). Again, we score exceptionally well. While IBM came is at $64 and $77, the.NET 3.5 options are all under $5. Take a look at the Technical Articles section to download the PDF's with the details. And don't take my word on this, download and run the tests to verify.