Not too late to get to MDC Detroit

Well, the time is here for MDC Detroit (Thursday, JAN 22, 2009). There’s an interesting list of speakers – see the gorgeous faces of .NET rock stars! The food has all been ordered. Plane tickets purchased. Buses are reserved. And there are tickets still left. Find your local Microsoft person to see if there is an event pass out there somewhere.

Why should you care about this event? Azure, Live Services, Live Mesh, SQL Data Services, JQuery, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET 4.0, MVC, VSTS 2010, F#, Oslo, etc.

Also, Jennifer pointed out this cool video below. I think that I saw Steve Henke (last person in the video), Wally McClure (and his nostrils), Chad Brooks, Mickey Gousset, Shawn Burke, Ron Jacobs, Bob Familiar, Todd Fine, etc. 7 minutes, cool music. Should get you a flavor of the event.