One Cool FREE Windows Mobile Application

The latest version of our popular Live Search for Windows Mobile client is out! New features include: movie showtimes, restaurant ratings, and improved GPS navigation. I just pointed my phone browser to, clicked on the download link, and the rest happened nicely on my Trio (i.e. downloaded, and installed). I was able to install this on the road yesterday in Covington,TN, and then searched for eating places, as well as retrieved map info.

While there is a desktop version, the mobile version supports Windows Mobile, BlackBerry's, and phones that can do J2ME. For unsupported phones, there is a mobile web version - for locked down situations like the iPhone.

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“This is an absolute must-download application if you have a Windows Mobile phone. Also, the best's free!”



What’s new in V2?

  • Movie Showtimes: Want to see a movie but don’t know what’s playing? Get Movie Showtimes near you and be on your way!  
  • More Local Data: Want to go out for dinner but not sure which restaurant to pick? Let your fellow restaurant goers help you out – make a decision based on user ratings.
  • Maps: View Mobile Virtual Earth maps wherever you are. For improved performance, pop in your storage card to enable the large cache option.
  • Directions: Lost? Get found with better support for GPS integration and improved turn-by-turn navigation. We’ll even prompt you to auto-reroute if you get lost!