So, You're Buying an iPhone?

It looks cool and they do a great job of advertising. But most people that I talk to who are enthusiastic about this have some common characteristics. Usually, they've never owned or investigated the phones that are out in the market today. I see several negative factors with the phone personally, but I don't want to have my blog pointed out since I love Windows Mobile. I would say that you should take a look at some of the reviews of the phone, like Five Reasons Not To Buy an IPhone which has pointed out some of my issues.

HTC Touch

What I will grant Apple is that they have a very cool interface, and they do advertising well. I tell folks "show me one feature that is not already out today". The only answer (if they've done thier homework) is that it has this excellent navigational interface. (BTW, touching a screen is not new.)

Cool interfaces can be added to Windows Mobile.  For example, let's look at the HTC Touch. WOW! Go to this site and check out their pictures and video's - and notice the navigation. They did some good marketing with the videos and the site looks great. But filter that out, and consider the features of the phone. Cool interface and touch navigation. Plus, other nice features like WiFi and high cellular network options. Here's a picture.




Another cool device that I like from HTC is the Mogul. I've been watching this candy bar form since it has a larger keyboard than my Trio 700w (which has been the best device that I've owned). this one is slightly thicker but I might do this just for the keyboard.

HTC Mogul