Creating Virtual Networks on Clustered Hosts leaves some binding work to be done

PCIcard If you ever happen to set up a new virtual network on a Cluster node/Host you may find that your work is not entirely done. First, the Host that you added the VN to will in fact have networking set up correctly. What may appear odd is that the other Hosts in the cluster (nodes) will also show the new virtual network name correctly, but the virtual network bindings are not set up?! What’s going on here?

Simply, the requirement that all Hosts in a Cluster have matching network names is met as it should be. The problem is that although the name of the virtual network is created on the other nodes, there are no network bindings. The reason for this is simple: VMM has no way of knowing which network is the correct one to bind to. Left unchecked, it might bind to the wrong external network, or even an iSCSI network if you have one set up, and then where would your Cluster be? Wrecked. So, following a successful virtual network creation and binding on the initial node, you must manually bind the new virtual network to the correct network on each Host. There will be an error in the initial Host job in fact prompting you to do so. With this done, your new virtual network will be up and running correctly on all nodes. I hope this helps those of you who have run across this.