Managing Hyper-V hosts using Virtual Machine Manager fails with Error: 0x8033803b. Extra remediation steps.

I just resolved a case where remediation as listed in the article below alone did not work, but there are a few things we commonly do that correct the problem. Just put these below what is already there as alternative additional steps. The manual removal and re-addition of the VMM agent is key. Thanks Thomas and Vlad!


KB2795043    Managing Hyper-V hosts using Virtual Machine Manager fails with Error: 0x8033803b after installing WMF 3.0

Re-install the VMM Agent

1. Remove the VMM agent from the Host using Programs and Features in the Control Panel

2. Re-install the agent using the latest ‘vmmAgent.exe’ in: C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012\Virtual Machine Manager\agents\amd64\3.x. Copy this file locally to the Host before installation.

Re-associate the Host with VMM

1. Follow this article to re-associate the Host with VMM. If this does not work or there are errors, follow step 2.

How to Reassociate a Host or Library Server

2. Open the VMM Admin Console. Open a PowerShell session by clicking the PowerShell button in the top ribbon. Type the following, replacing <HostName> with the system being re-associated:

Reassociate-VMMManagedComputer –VMMManagedComputer <HostName>

- or -

Replace the server in the first line with the name of the VMM server. You will not need to specify the name of the Host to be added.

C:\> Get-VMMServer -ComputerName ""

C:\> $Credential = Get-Credential

C:\> Get-VMMManagedComputer | where {$_.State -eq "AccessDenied"} | Reassociate-VMMManagedComputer -Credential $Credential