Orchestrator 2012 R2 Integration Pack for VMware vSphere

imageA whole new set of tools for vSphere has been released for Orchestrator 2012 R2. Over 30 Activities to build out incredible automation Runbooks. Enjoy.

System Center 2012 R2 Integration Pack for VMware vSphere

Feature Summary
The Integration Pack includes the following activities:

  • Add Network Adapter
  • Add VM Disk
  • Clone Linux VM
  • Clone Windows VM
  • Create VM
  • Customize VM
  • Delete VM
  • Get Cluster Properties
  • Get Datastore Capacity
  • Get Hosts
  • Get Resource Pool Runtime Info
  • Get Resource Pools
  • Get VM List
  • Get VM Properties
  • Get VM Status
  • Migrate VM
  • Move VM
  • Reconfigure VM
  • Reset VM
  • Revert VM Snapshot
  • Set Guest Info Variables
  • Set VM CD/DVD to ISO Image
  • Set VM Networks
  • Start VM
  • Stop VM
  • Suspend VM
  • Take VM Snapshot
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Get Host Properties
  • Get Host Datastores

Configuration Screen