New stuff in the pipeline


Right now I am in Seattle and getting all the news about our products. There is so much amazing stuff out there that it blows my mind: MOSS 2007, WCF, WPF, WWF, Vista, Office 2007, Office PerformancePoint, Live Communication Server,  Longhorn Server, Titan, the next version of Microsoft CRM etc.

Right know I have some new stuff in my blogging pipeline and as soon I will have the time I will write about the following:

  • Proposal Management with Office 2007 and VSTO SE. Just look at the video to get an idea of it:

  • A Lazy Emulator to demo Microsoft CRM Mobile Express. The idea is, to show Microsoft CRM Mobile Express just in a normal browser and put a photo of a mobile device into the background. By doing so, you don't have install the mobile emulator images.
  • And an updated version of my Multi-Field-Desktop-Search now based on the Windows Vista Sidebar.

By the way, I just had a funny chat with one of our ISV-Partners c360. They are adding great value to Microsoft CRM in several areas. So you definitely should take a look at their solutions. When the sales men presented me their solution, he also wanted to highlight their search solution, which is much better than mine. The funny thing, instead of presenting their solution, I got a presentation about my own solution, which I have added to our international VPC image :-)