Vista CRM Search Gadget

CRM-Friends! As promised I wanted to update my multi entity search for Microsoft CRM by using a Windows Vista Gadget. And here you go, this tool consists of two parts:

The first part is a small Windows Vista Gadget. Gadgets are easy-to-use mini programs that give you information at a glance and provide easy access to frequently used tools. This gadget allows you to find any information inside of Microsoft CRM.

The second part is the main search application which allows you to find information from multiple entities in Microsoft CRM. In this version you can search for accounts, contacts and leads at once. However, I tried to make it more generic so that you are able to customize it just by configuring a xml file.

Important: you have to install at least the search application, the Windows Vista Gadget is just a nice to have. But if you want to use the gadget, you have to install the search application first.

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