Open Server Summit includes keynotes from AMD, Dell, Diablo, HP, Huawei, Intel, Lenovo and Microsoft

The server market is busier than ever. You’re probably following how virtualization evolved into clouds and how everything is now software-defined. Behind the buzzwords, there is amazing new technologies in the datacenter, across the compute, networking and storage layers.

The challenge for all of us is really to keep up with all these different server software and server hardware companies. I was just reminded that the Open Server Summit is coming soon, so I checked the agenda. Interestingly enough, it is filled with presentations by everyone from the top server hardware vendors to the major players in enterprise software. As an example, check the list of keynotes:

  • Hyperscale Cloud Solutions Are Right for Enterprise Clouds Too
    Jim Pinkerton, Partner Architect Lead, Microsoft
  • Using Industry-Standard Servers to Manager Big Data from the Internet of Things
    Tom Bradicich, VP Server Engineering, HP
  • Developing the High Throughput Computing Data Center
    Jian Li, Research Program Director / Chief Architect, Huawei
  • Digital Services Drive the Move to Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI)
    Raejeanne Skillern, GM / Cloud Service Provider Business, Intel
  • Driving Innovations for Cloud-Scale Servers
    Kushagra Vaid, GM Server Hardware Engineering, Microsoft
  • Cloud Computing with a Software-Defined Data Center
    David Faircloth, VP / Business Line Executive, Lenovo
  • Memory Channel Storage Allows Virtualization Everywhere
    Riccardo Badalone, Diablo Technologies
  • Why Today's Data Centers Need a Range of Server Processor Solutions
    Leendert Van Doorn, Corporate Fellow, AMD
  • Ready IT: Application Centric + Software Defined + Hardware Accelerated
    Arpit Joshipura, VP Marketing, Dell
  • Preparing the Data Center for the Internet of Things
    Mark Skarpness, Director - Systems Engineering, Intel Open Source Technology Center

As you can see, this is an interesting collection of topics, including a few top minds from Microsoft driving both the software and the hardware side of things. You can get details on the keynotes at

Before the Summit itself, there is also a Pre-Conference Seminar on Software Defined Storage. For those focused specifically on Storage, it includes topics like:

  • Creating an Open-Source Storage Network Using Commodity Hardware
  • Delivering Standards-Based SDS Framework with OpenStack SDS Controller
  • Implementing Data Services for Software-Defined Storage
  • Increasing Resiliency, Performance, and Capacity with SDS
  • Making a Successful Transition to Software-Defined Storage
  • Evolution of the Cloud Data Center
  • An Entertaining Case History for Software-Defined Storage and OpenStack
  • Future of Software-Defined Storage

This pre-conference seminar happens on November 11, from 9AM to 5PM, and includes its own keynotes by Siddhartha Roy (Software-Defined Storage Strategist, Microsoft) and Chuck Hollis (Chief Strategist, VMware).

For more details, check out the agenda for the Pre-Conference Seminars and the Conference itself at