Windows 7 and Cloud Services are the most frequent subjects for the PDC 2008

An updated list of the 180 sessions planned for the upcoming Microsoft Professional Developers Conference is out, along with additional details about this major conference.

Looking at the keywords used by each session, you can clearly see that "Windows 7" is one of the hottest topics this time around. Windows 7 will also be a highlight of Steven Sinofsky's keynote on October 28, which will reveal details on the upcoming OS. If that's not enough, attendees will each receive a pre-beta release of Windows 7!

"Cloud Services" is also huge on the PDC, with the highest number of sessions overall. In addition to those, Ray Ozzie will open the PDC on October 27 with a keynote on Microsoft’s vision for a comprehensive platform for a software + services world.

Other frequent session topics include SQL Server, Visual Studio, Silverlight and the Live Platform. Here's a complete list of keywords, in descending order by the number of sessions on each one:

33 Cloud Services
22 Windows 7
16 SQL Server
16 Visual Studio
13 Silverlight
11 Live Platform
10 Languages
9 Parallelism
8 Identity
8 WF
8 Windows Server
7 SQL Server Data Services
6 Oslo
5 Expression
5 Live Mesh
5 SharePoint

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