Windows Server Storage Sessions from TechEd Europe 2014 (includes links to recordings and slides)

This blog post includes a list of the Storage-related sessions from TechEd Europe 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

You can use it as an easy reference to the Storage sessions, including links to the recordings and the slides for each one.


Day Time Code Title (with link to recording and slides) Speaker(s)
Tue 8:30 AM KEY01 Keynote  Joe Belfiore, Jason Zander
Tue 11:00 AM FDN03 Optimizing Your Datacenter with Windows Server, System Center, and Microsoft Azure Brian Hillger, Jeff Woolsey, Jeremy Winter, Matt McSpirit, Patrick Lang
Tue 1:30 PM CDP-B362 Architecting a Modern Datacenter: Windows Server 2012 R2 End-to-End Design Philip Moss
Tue 3:15 PM CDP-B232 Introducing the NEW Microsoft Cloud Platform System Jonobie Ford, Michael Schulz, Vijay Tewari
Tue 5:00 PM CDP-B222 Software Defined Storage in the Next Release of Windows Server Ned Pyle, Patrick Lang, Siddhartha Roy
Tue 1:30 PM CDP-B318 Building Scalable and Reliable Backup Solutions in the Next Release of Windows Server Hyper-V Taylor Brown
Wed 8:30 AM CDP-B323 Delivering Predictable Storage Performance with Storage Quality of Service in the Next Release of Windows Patrick Lang
Wed 10:15 AM CDP-B354 Advantages of Upgrading Your Private Cloud Infrastructure in the Next Release of Windows Server Rob Hindman, Taylor Brown
Wed 10:15 AM CDP-B361 Architecting Software Defined Storage: Design Patterns from Real-World Deployments Joshua Adams
Wed 10:15 AM CDP-B291 Dell Storage Spaces: An End-to-End Solution Lee Harrison, Shai Ofek, Terry Storey
Wed 12:00 PM CDP-B341 Architectural Deep Dive into the Microsoft Cloud Platform System James Pinkerton, Spencer Shepler
Wed 3:15 PM CDP-B363 End-to-End Design for a Highly Available Datacenter Philip Moss
Wed 3:15 PM CDP-B339 Leveraging SAN Replication for Enterprise Grade Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery and System Abhishek Agrawal, Hector Linares, Karsten Bott, Pavel Lobanov
Wed 5:00 PM CDP-B352 Stretching Failover Clusters and Using Storage Replica for Disaster Recovery in the Next Release of Windows Ned Pyle
Thu 8:30 AM EM-B314 BYOD for File Server Home Folders: Understanding, Deploying and Managing Work Folders in Windows Server 2012 R2 Fabian Uhse, Gene Chellis
Thu 12:00 PM CDP-B340 Using Tiered Storage Spaces for Greater Performance and Lower Costs Spencer Shepler
Thu 3:15 PM CDP-B349 Storage Management in a Hybrid Cloud Environment with Windows Server and System Center Hector Linares
Thu 3:15 PM CDP-B353 Automated Workload Provisioning with the Azure Pack and Windows PowerShell Charles Joy, Jeff Goldner, Michael Greene, Tiander Turpijn
Fri 8:30 AM CDP-B325 Design Scale-Out File Server Clusters in the Next Release of Windows Server Claus Joergensen
Fri 10:15 AM CDP-B334 Cloud Integrated Data Protection with System Center Data Protection Manager and Microsoft Azure Backup Islam Gomaa, Shreesh Dubey
Fri 10:15 AM CDP-321 Cluster-in-a-Box Meets Datacenter Convergence to Redefine Successful Private Cloud Deployments John Loveall
Fri 2:45 PM CDP-B358 Windows Server Data Deduplication at Scale: Dedup Updates for Large-Scale VDI and Backup Scenarios Daniel Hefenbrock, John Loveall, Rutwick Bhatt

Note 1: The list above is focused on Private Cloud deployments using Windows Server. It does not include Azure Storage or SQL Server Storage sessions.

Note 2: The list above includes the keynote, foundational session and breakout sessions only. It does not include hands-on labs, instructor-led labs and lunch sessions (these are not recorded).