Free Security Book: HAC

The Handbook of Applied Cryptography is being offered for free download (for personal use of course) from the University of Waterloo. This book covers a good swath of topics and will be a useful addition to your digital library. And to give you a taste, here is the chapter list:


Chapter 1 - Overview of Cryptography

Chapter 2 - Mathematics Background

Chapter 3 - Number-Theoretic Reference Problems

Chapter 4 - Public-Key Parameters

Chapter 5 - Pseudorandom Bits and Sequences

Chapter 6 - Stream Ciphers

Chapter 7 - Block Ciphers

Chapter 8 - Public-Key Encryption

Chapter 9 - Hash Functions and Data Integrity

Chapter 10 - Identification and Entity Authentication

Chapter 11 - Digital Signatures

Chapter 12 - Key Establishment Protocols

Chapter 13 - Key Management Techniques

Chapter 14 - Efficient Implementation

Chapter 15 - Patents and Standards


For those that prefer cold hard paper, you can also find it at the various common retailers (for slightly more than free).