Lastest WSS and MOSS Patches - 9/2008

For those of you that are building a new WSS and/or MOSS farm, I've assembled a list of the patches you will need to build a "lastest and greatest" farm. The list below is published for an RTM farm, but if you have a farm in production already, you only need to install the patches dated after your current patch level. For example, if you have the IU installed, you only need to install 957109 and 956057 for WSS and 955586, 956056 and 953397 for MOSS.


To hopefully clear up some confusion, for localized WSS and MOSS patches, you need to install a localized patch for every lanague you have installed. At a minimum, this is one patch, which is for the base lanaguge of MOSS you have installed. For example, if you have an English SKU of WSS and MOSS, you need to install the English WSS and MOSS localized patches. If you have a German SKU of MOSS installed, you need to install the German WSS and MOSS localized patches. 

You will also need to install a localization patch for each language pack you have installed. So if you have an English SKU of WSS and MOSS and have the German and Spanish language packs installed, you need to install a English, German and Spanish localization update.


Lastest bits required for WSS 2007

1. WSS SP1

2. WSS Localized – 957109 – August 26th Package

3. WSS Global – 956057 – August 26th Package

Lastest bits required for MOSS 2007 (in addition to the WSS bits above)


2. MOSS Global – 951297 – July 15th Package (a.k.a. IU package)

3. MOSS Local (Document Life Cycle) – 955586 – July 23rd Package

4. MOSS Global – 956056 – August 26th Package

5. MOSS Global – 953397– MS08-043: August 12th Package

I can’t stress enough the need to review the software update procedures. Checking and removing orphaned content is a vital prerequisite for update installation, orphaned content will cause some packages to fail. One additional orphan check that is not detachable by STSADM -o databaserepair  , that I also highly recommend running, is outlined here.


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