Disponível conteúdo sobre Visual Studio 2012 RC ALM

Foi anunciado recentemente a disponibilidade do Visual Studio 2012 RC ALM Virtual Machine juntamente com 18 hands-on-labs / demo scripts. Essa é tida como a versão de virtual machine mais compreensiva de ALM que já foi publicada. Essa VM combina capacidades que estão sendo introduzidas no Visual Studio 2012 juntamente com funcionalidades que eram novas no lançamento do Visual Studio 2010.

Faça o download através do link: https://aka.ms/VS11ALMVM

Informação importante sobre essa virtual machine (inglês):

  • The share above is a Redmond-based server, so it will slow down if several people use it at once. You can fall back to the public download servers if the Redmond share is slow. If you are at TechEd (NA or Europe), find me and I’ll lend you a hard drive; in return, you can buy me a beer.
  • Windows is configured to set the system clock to May 16, 2012 every time you start this machine up. This is to support the project management hands-on-lab. If you want to work with this virtual machine beyond the specific hands-on-labs scenarios, you will need to disable the Set Date and Time task (Task Scheduler -> Task Scheduler Library -> Set Date and Time -> Right-Click -> Disable)
  • Please take a few minutes to read the “Working with…” document for some important instructions for properly importing and working with this virtual machine.
  • This is a Hyper-V virtual machine and was built to work with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 8 Release Preview, or Windows Server 2012. (The instructions provided assume you are using Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, so steps may vary slightly if you are using a different host operating system)

Essa virtual machine vem configurada com (inglês):

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 RC
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012 RC
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Microsoft Project 2010
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)
  • Sample users and data required to support hands-on-lab scripts which accompany this download and exercise many of the new Visual Studio 2012 application lifecycle management capabilities along with capabilities which were new in the Visual Studio 2010 release.



Novas funcionalidades do Visual Studio 2012:

Laboratórios “upgraded” do Visual Studio 2010:

Existem também DemoMates disponíveis para o Visual Studio 2012 hands-on-labs/demo scripts que você pode baixar no blog do Brian Keller. Os DemoMates são atualmente baseados no Visual Studio 2011 Beta mas serão atualizados em breve para o Visual Studio 2012 RC. DemoMates são ótimos para demostrar funcionalidades e novidades do produto sem precisar instalar e rodar uma virtual machine.

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