Dude, you're getting a desktop...

About a week ago, I was all excited to get started on a series of WinFx posts centered around a demo app I'm building. My manager had generously approved my order for a new high-powered 64-bit laptop and I had been eagerly polling our internal ERP portal looking for a tracking number so I could monitor its delivery. You can imagine my geek anticipation when I got a call Friday indicating that my new computer arrived.


"It's here."

"What's here?"

"Your new computer."



I downloaded the 64-bit build of Vista from the MSDN subscription site and rushed over to my recently arrived package to find...I had been shipped a 32-bit desktop. What followed was about 3 days of ERP forensics which felt like the most boring possible episode of one of those CSI shows (no cool lab gear either.) After sifting through cryptic email messages, marginally integrated websites, and lots of voice mail messages, we finally determined that I had received a desktop that was intended to be shipped to Denver (and the person in Denver received my laptop instead.)

I'm told that In Texas, they have colorful metaphors that describe which end of the deal I got.

At any rate, I'm glad to report that the desktop runs 32-bit Vista very well, and even does the cool Aero glass and flip 3D without a hitch. I'm also glad to report that it's now on its way to the Mile High City. Hopefully, my laptop will be coming in the other direction soon (but I'm not holding my breath waiting...)

There is a relevant ISV-related point here though.

In the course of figuring out what happened to my order, it struck me how difficult and cumbersome it was to put all the information I needed together. It would be great if this information was more organized and integrated, and it would be greater still if there was a compelling user experience on top of that.

Sounds like a great opportunity for some innovative ISVs.