Update on Silverlight and Opera

After my previous post, I had a few folks email me to look at some of their sites that don’t run correctly in Opera even after the below fix. After more investigation and trolling through our bug database to extract all known Silverlight and Opera issues, there are 3 issues folks should be aware of related to Silverlight and Opera:


1. The MS AJAX issue described in my previous post.

2. Silverlight does not work in Opera when using windowless mode (<param name="windowless" value="true" />). This will show a blank page with the Opera status area saying “Click to activate and use this control”. This is being investigated by the Silverlight team and has also been reported to the Opera development team. The only work-around is to not use windowless mode.

3. The Silverlight TextBox cannot receive focus (and therefore you cannot select/change text in the TextBox). There is no current workaround to this issue.