WPF/E Download Size

I’ve seen a few posts, including this one, where folks are wondering about WPF/E "size". I've also seen a few posts with misleading information about our intended size which probably originated from this article.

To start with, size can be confusing in that it will vary from platform to platform and there’s also differences between compressed size (the number of bytes sent over the wire) and uncompressed size (the number of bytes on disk). Typically, when I refer to size, I'm referring to the compressed size on Windows platforms. At my Mix session, I said our goal is 2MB and that’s what we’re working towards. We’re still around a year from releasing and it’s too early to predict our final size - it is possible we’ll grow larger than 2MB. This is an area where we're looking for feedback and I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on how big is too big.