Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Ramp Up

At my job role, I have being asked several times about what resources I would recommend to technical consultants that want to start with Identity Management solutions. Fortunately we at Microsoft  have a recommended training roadmap created for internal staff that - again fortunately - uses lots of public resources. While I cannot share here internal resources, I think it is good for building ILM/FIM technical community to share what training resources our experts recommend. So here it goes, plus some bonus links Smile.

Happy learning!!






After completing the solutions recommended for this level, you should be able to articulate the Microsoft strategy for the relevant area, the value proposition Microsoft brings to customers and the main competitors in this space. You should also be able to identify the different components of this product and the relationships between them.

FIM 2010: Technical Overview and Deployment


Intermediate After completing the solutions recommended for this level, you should be able to describe the product architecture, have a detailed understanding of the product’s capabilities and limitations, and understand its deployment scenarios and requirements. Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Scenarios 7 h

FIM Introduction Technical Library Documents: FIM 2010 Technical Overview Understanding Custom Resource and Attribute Management Introduction to Custom Resource and Attribute Management Understanding Configuring and Customizing the FIM Portal Introduction to Configuring and Customizing the FIM Portal Introduction to Resource Control Display Configurations Resource Control Display Configuration XML Reference Introduction to Management Policy Rules Introduction to Inbound Synchronization Introduction to Outbound Synchronization Introduction to Publishing Active Directory From Two Authoritative Data Sources Introduction to User and Group Management Introduction to Distribution Group Management Introduction to Security Group Management Common Configuration for Getting Started Guides Introduction to Request Management Password Reset Deployment Guide FIM Installation Guide FIM 2010 Capacity Planning Guide Configuration Migration Deployment Guide FIM Backup and Restore Guide

19 h

CLM Technical Library Documents: CLM Technical Library Documents Certificate Mangement Deployment FIM CM Backup and Restore Guide

4.25 h
    Course 50382A: Implementing Forefront Identity Manager 2010 32 h
Advanced After completing the items recommended for this level, you should be able to build, deploy and troubleshoot solutions based on the product for enterprise customers. At this point, a consultant should be to lead customer engagements involving the product. Exchange Provisioning using ILM 2007 and FIM 2010 1.5 h
    FIM CM: Getting Started 4 h

Extensible MA Development: Developing a File-Based Import Management Agent Developing a File-Based Export Management Agent Developing a Call-Based Export Management Agent

4 h
    Modeling Business Policy Rules with FIM 1.5 h
    Course 50383A: Upgrading ILM 2007 to FIM 2010 32 h
Expert After completing the items recommended for this level, you should be able to build solutions for complex usage scenarios (large scale, mission critical, integration, migration). Generate Specialized Test Data with a Custom Data Generator 3 h

Community Resources:

- FIM Technet Group
- FIM Experts Corner
- FIM Scriptbox

- MVPs 
- displayName – The Silent Identity Management Killer
- Identity Management Project Phase One: Joins and Data Matching

Extended Resource Library:

- Understanding FIM 2010
- Xpath Reference
- Workflow Foundation Overview
- Introduction to Sequential Workflows
- Custom Activities & Workflows
- Develop Custom Activities & WF
- Create Custom Activity Library
- Rendering Custom Activities in the FIM Portal
- Enterprise PKI Concepts
- Technical Overview of CLM 2007
- CLM 2007 Operations
- ILM 2007 Resources
- FIM 2010 Webcasts and videos

Product Team and Microsoft Blogs:
- Identity and Access Management Blog
- Identity Management Extensibility
- Shawn’s MIIS/ILM/FIM Code Experiment

MVPs and Experts Blogs (alphabetical by givenName Smile):
- Almero Steyn’s Puttyq
- Blain Checkley's Identity Minded
- Brad Turner’s 1dent1ty cHa0s
- Carol Wapshere’s Missmiis
- Craig Martin’s Identity Trench
- David Lundell’s ILM Best Practices
- Dmitry Kazantsev’s Lost and Found Identity's blog
- Henrik Nilsson’s Identity Management Crisis
- Jeremy Palenchar’s Identity Notes
- Joe Stepongzi’s Microsoft IDM.
- Joe Zamora’s CShark
- Jorge de Almeida Pinto’s Jorge 's Quest For Knowledge!
- Kim Cameron's Identity Weblog.
- Laura E. Hunter’s Shut Up, Laura
- Marc Mac Donell’s Assurances in Identity
- Naohiro Fujie’s IdMlab
- Paolo Tedesco’s Identity Management at CERN.
- Paul Loonen’s be-Id.
- Peter Geelen’s Identity Underground