Solution to "Unable to start vsperfmon.exe"

I tried running VS2008's profiler and ran into the following problem: VS prompted me to login as admin and then run the profiler (even though I was already logged in). And it ultimately exited with the following error in the output window.

Error VSP1398 : The monitor was unable to install the VS performance driver. The system cannot find the file specified. Consider using the /Admin: Driver,Install option of VSPerfCmd from an elevated environment. Profiling cannot continue.
Error VSP1341 : Could not start logging engine. Shutting down.
Profiler exited
PRF0010: Launch Aborted - Unable to start vsperfmon.exe

Strangest thing is that this worked for me a year back without any problems. But that's when I was using VS 2005. So, I started scouring for a solution to this problem. I saw a couple of posts about this issue, and most of them were talking about hacky workarounds, till I found the correct answer.

Since there are not a lot of posts about how to fix this problem quickly and easily, I'll just add one here :)

Basically all you need to do is install vs_profiler.exe from your VS 2008 DVD. You can either search your DVD for the executable, or go down to VSTS\Standalone Profiler\x86\ and simply double click on vs_profiler.exe to install.

That's it. Now you can profile as much as you want.

PS - paths in the DVD may vary depending upon the flavor of VS and your system architecture (x86 or x64)