Launch events

Launch of Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange 2007 are coming to a town near you. Our Microsoft Across America is doing these events in 59 cities, outside of the 15 major city events that our district teams are doing. They all start January 16th and go for 6 weeks.  Make sure you get signed up early.  I heard a rumor we might be giving away some software.   If you want to see me in person at one of these, Come to Memphis, TN 1/16, or Porland, ME 2/13, or Nashua, NH 2/15 and finally at Cromwell, Ct 2/22.   Here is the link to go sign up.  Go now before registration closes.


Yep you will want to go to the IT Pro track, you will see your great local TechNet Presenter!!