What’s New in OCS 14?

I have been wanting to write this post for sometime.  Internally we have been playing around with the features of Office Communications Server 14 for sometime, and I haven't been able to show you the new features.

Well now I can.  In the last week the OCS team released 6 new videos on edge.technet.com showing off OCS 14  here they are:

What’s new in OCS 14 Conferencing

What’s new in OCS 14 Enterprise Voice

What’s new in OCS 14 Platform Extensibility

What's new in OCS 14 Client Extensibility

What’s new in OCS 14 High Definition

What’s new in OCS 14 IM and Presence

Most of the demos are only 10 minute or less. So in an hour you can have a great exposure to a bunch of the new features in OCS. 

After you watch these I would love to hear what you think of OCS 14, what you think of the videos? How else can we show you what is possible with OCS?