MSMQ on PocketPC

Will MSMQ with HTTP be available on the next version of PocketPC?  Again, the lawyers rear their heads here.  I can't promise any feature for a future version of CE or PocketPC.  I probably can't even promise that the next version of CE will have a thread scheduler or a file system :(.  Let's just say there's a decent chance that next PocketPC version will support MSMQ over HTTP.  Please don't base your next product off this, since nothing is written in stone yet!

This is assuming the thread scheduler and the filesystem make it in of course.  MSMQ has some dependencies on the scheduler and filesys, believe it or not :).

[John Spaith]

This is a question that I am asked about twice per month from customers.  MSMQ is a component that is available in Windows CE .NET (see, and Windows CE is a more general platform than the specific PocketPC platform.

An article to read for more information is "MSMQ On PocketPC 2003" by Klaus Salchner.  Note that Klaus is using CF 2.0 in this article.  He also has a nice graphic that depicts the different platforms. 

Here are 4 articles on MSMQ and CF.NET that are essential reading if you are interested in this MSMQ and mobile development.