SharePoint Social Computing – NewsGator Social Sites

NewsGatorSocialSites_large_ch9[1]I just posted a new Channel9 interview about NewsGator Social Sites.  

I had the pleasure of talking with Brian Kellner, VP of Products for NewsGator Technologies, about the capabilities of NewsGator Social Sites.  Social Sites is an enterprise social computing platform built upon SharePoint 2007.  Laura Kellner, VP of Marketing for NewsGator, walks us through a detailed look at many of the features of Social Sites.

Social Sites is a fantastic product with a lot of exciting capabilities.  I have several large customers that are using Social Sites in their enterprise, and every time I talk to a customer that is using it they rave about what a transformation Social Sites provided with their intranet.  See for yourself what Social Sites can do in my interview with Brian Kellner and Laura Farrelly of NewsGator.