Kate Michel

Service Cloud for the Customer Obsessed

Building a Cognitive Customer Service Bot

If there is something being talked about with more passion and frequency than "customer 360" or...

Author: Kate Michel Date: 10/02/2016

Customer Service Collaboration and Swarming

Many Customer Service teams struggle to find the most effective way to use their top skilled and...

Author: Kate Michel Date: 07/26/2016

Bringing Gamification to Customer Service

Solutions like Microsoft's FantasySalesTeam are driving measurable results, positive behavior...

Author: Kate Michel Date: 06/10/2016

Extending the Unified Service Desk: Co-Browse

One of the most powerful and differentiating aspects of Microsoft Dynamic's Unified Service Desk is...

Author: Kate Michel Date: 05/27/2016

A New Blog for the Customer Obsessed

Greetings and welcome to my blog. My name is Kate Michel and I am a Microsoft Certified CRM...

Author: Kate Michel Date: 05/24/2016