Keeping track...

Normally, my wife and I a little insane about keeping track of our income and spending. We started using Microsoft Money at the begining of the year (before that, we had an elaborate excel workbook). Money works well for us, but lately we got behind in keeping it in sync. 3 months behind! So today, I gave up my Saturday to update the Money file.

As I went though reconciling transactions, I did some laundry and listened to the Purdue game on the TV. What a day for football!  Purdue scored their first win at Notre Dame in decades. Part way through the game, they interrupted the broadcast to cover a local volcano erupting.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with my recruiter years ago when I first got hired-  I was worried about Mt. Ranier being an active volcano. Guess I just had the wrong mountain!

Also noticed that Doonesbury had a great set of strips on The Apprentice this week. Hilarious!