Tinted Windows

I finally got around to readingĀ Paul Thurrott's write up of the December CTP of Windows Vista. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he likes the new Window frame colorization feature we have as part of Aero. With this feature, we reprise some functionality that had regressed in Windows XP, which is the ability to choose any color you want for your Window borders. In Windows Vista, you can set the color and level of transparency of the Window frames to one of a handful of presets we give you, or any other color you like using HSV sliders. Paul was kind enough to post an image of the UI as well:

Here's what Paul had to say about it:

When you combine Vista's new color scheme capabilities with the multitude of other personalization features, such as the desktop background, various display and user account options, the Start menu and taskbar, folder options, and the like, you start to understand that Windows is becoming a highly customizable environment that anyone should be able to tailor as they see fit. This nod towards personalization is a positive move.

Thanks for the kind words Paul! I'm glad to see that our investments in making the UI more customizable in ways that everyone can take advantage of are being well recieved.