Log Parser Studio V2 Updated (12/11/2013)

The latest bits for LPS 2.0 are now available. This update contains a number of small fixes and enhancements including the promised fix of enabling the "Use Double Quotes" option for IIS Advanced Logging. The latest bits and associated links are below.

 Download the latest version of LPS:



There is also the ability to query Dynamics CRM logs. The log type is listed as "CRMLOG" in LPS. For more information see the following link.



Change List

+ Added custom support for Dynamics CRM tracing.

+Added default backslash to iCheckPoint for CSV because null
crashes PS export for CSV.

+Fixed chart type dropdown focus issue.

+Rewrote InputFormat parsing so that we derive the actual
name instead of [name, {type}] etc.

+Enabled IISW3C double quotes for IIS Advanced Logging. *** (Update - There is an issue with this fix which is being investigated. In the interim please use the workaround found here.)

+Added Accept/Cancel buttons for Enter/ESC .

+Fixed PowerShell "tabs" param issue.

+Removed ValueFromPipeline from PS Script Template.

+Added Accept/Cancel buttons for Enter/ESC.

+Added cancel buttons/ESC functionality to format dialogs.

+Updated FunctionReference.html

+Added queries for ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide
Walkthrough (Ref: http://support.microsoft.com/common/survey.aspx?scid=sw;en;3616&showpage=1)

+Multiple small fixes/improvements/enhancements