Announcing the new "Silverlight" Expertise for the MVP Program


At the MVP summit on Monday 3/2, ScottGu announced the new "Silverlight" Expertise for the MVP program. I am very excited about having this dedicated expertise for Silverlight. This will allow the Silverlight Product Groups (the runtime teams, VS, and Blend) to interact directly with the MVPs. We are looking forward to your insightful feedback and hope we can continue the excitement Silverlight has generated so far!!


The first order of business for our expertise is recruitment. Not much of an expertise if we don't have anyone :) As of last week, we have 1 MVP in the new Silverlight expertise. Congrats Bill Reiss for being the first Silverlight MVP!

For the rest of you....

  • Already an MVP

If you are already an MVP and your primarily focus is on Silverlight, you are welcome to change your expertise to the "Silverlight track" by working through your MVP lead. (That said, I want to emphasis that all expertise are valuable!) If you need any help, please feel free to let me know.

I know there were some concerns about separating the WPF and Silverlight track and it is hard for some MVPs to choose. Not to worry! The new "Silverlight" expertise will work closely with the Client Application Developer (CAD) track. It is very similar to how the languages (VB, C#..etc.) tracks are closely aligned. For example, in this year's MVP summit, CAD and Silverlight track shared a day of sessions together. So staying in the "CAD" track is equally valuable!

  • Not an MVP

If you are not an MVP, and you'd like to become one. Please review the information on this site.


When we (Justin, Ted and I) first submitted this expertise to the MVP program, they want us to make sure we are interacting with the MVPs beyond the MVP Summit.

MVPs, What type of engagement would you like to see? Live Meetings?

What does "Bifocals" and "NDAs" have in common?

My final request to all MVPs, is to follow the advice from the inventor of the bifocal.

When in doubt, don't. - Benjamin Franklin

Sorry for those who has heard me say this many many times already. I know I am being a broken record.

When planning the MVP summit, I pushed very hard for each team and their speakers to have a good percentage of NDA content. (I recommended 25% to 50% of the content needs to be NDA.) I even emphasis that we need to have NDA content for beyond MIX, so that the information gained in the MVP summit can last longer than 2 weeks. :)

Unfortunately, I got a little burned from this. It is really unfortunate how a few bad apples has ruined this for everyone else. I am sad about the lost of trust on the MVP NDA this may create. The Product Group reps are still dealing with the fall out today. Hopefully, we can have this resolved soon.

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Ben Franklin.. This is what happens when you blog while watching the History Channel. What show would you like me to watch next time I blog? Note: It has to be rated PG-13 or below. :P

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