Getting started with Windows 8 Consumer Preview

On Wednesday, Microsoft launched the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. So where do you start?

  1. Download and install the following:
  2. Learn from the following sites:
  3. Subscribe to the following blogs
  4. Discuss with other developers at the forum!


Now that you have the basics to get started. Here are two tips & trick I've picked up on using Windows 8 that I love.

  • The Developer Start Menu

“Right Click” on the bottom right of your desktop and you get the “Developer Start menu” (At least that’s what I call it…). Here you have my favourite menu items like “Run” and “Command Prompt”. Smile



  • Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Someone on my team recently compiled this handy little table for all of you keyboard-addicts out there:



Win key+spacebar

Switch input language and keyboard layout

Win key+O

Locks device orientation

Win key+ ,

Temporarily peeks at the desktop

Win key+V

Cycles through toasts

Win key+Shift+V

Cycles through toasts in reverse order

Win key+Enter

Launches Narrator

Win key+PgUp

Moves Start Screen or application to the monitor on the left

Win key+PgDown

Moves Start Screen or application to the monitor on the right

Win key+Shift+.

Moves the gutter to the left (snaps an application)

Win key+ .

Moves the gutter to the right (snaps an application)

Win key+ C

Opens Charms bar

Win key+I

Opens Settings charm

Win key+K

Opens Connect charm

Win key+H

Opens Share charm

Win key+Q

Opens Search pane

Win key+W

Opens Settings Search app

Win key+F

Opens File Search app

Win key+Tab

Cycles through apps

Win key+Shift+Tab

Cycles through apps in reverse order

Win key+Ctrl+Tab

Cycles through apps and snaps them as they are cycled

Win key+Z

Opens App Bar

Win key+ /

Initiates input method editor (IME) reconversion

Win key+J

Swaps foreground between the snapped and filled apps