Join us for the first PHP & Windows Azure Hackthon in Belgium

My second post of the day is another one about User Groups and communities. You’d think we only work with Microsoft-technology focused user groups? You’d be wrong Smile

One of the user groups I’ve been working with in the past few years is the PHPBenelux. Since there are enough interesting touch-points around interoperability, MS’s increased support for PHP on Windows and of course support on Windows Azure platform there is no reason why we would not collaborate.

Some of the folks in the PHP community have been great to work with, and it’s a great pleasure to be sponsoring the PHPBenelux Conference again this year (27-28 January 2012). What’s new: with the help of Michelangelo van Dam (@dragonbe) and Maarten Balliauw (@maartenballiauw) we’ll be hosting a free half day Azure/PHP Hackathon on January 27th 2012.

When getting your ticket for the conference be sure to add the free hackathon and come hack away on PHP & Azure.

My thanks to the whole PHPBenelux community. We look forward to another successful PHPBenelux Conference.

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