Links for my intervention at Le Podcast High Tech – with Drupal user community Belgium

Last month I joined the folks behind Le Podcast High Tech to talk about Microsoft’s support for running PHP applications on Windows, and other areas focusing on interoperability. I was invited by Gilles Bailleux, from the community who was interested in giving us some ‘air-time’ during his Drupal focused podcast.

You can listen to the podcast here: Episode 13 – Spécial Microsoft (in French).
Are are some links to what is mentioned in the podcast.

The Web Platform Installer

The Microsoft Web Platform Installer is a tool that provides an installer for developer tools, (IIS) web server extensions, SQL Server database, PHP, and more on a Windows machine. So instead of having to download extensions, SDKs, tools and more from different locations and install them one by one this tool will take care of that for you.

Download the Web Platform Installer – and read more about the features here:

Next to installing tools and extensions, the Web Platform Installer also offers the choice of installing open source applications through the Web App Gallery. These are either ASP.NET or PHP open source applications. The tool will download and install all pre-requisites as well as the application itself. It’s the easiest way to install an open source web app. You will find applications in there like Acquia Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress in PHP but also a bunch of ASP.NET apps like Umbraco and DotNetNuke.

Also mentioned during the podcast

  • Windows Azure Platform: the Microsoft cloud platform with support for PHP as well –
  • Interoperability bridges: allowing you to interact with Microsoft hosted services in a standard way. A good resource with demos and sample code can be found at the Interop Bridges site:

I would like to thank Gilles Bailleux for inviting me, and Michel Godart for hosting the podcast and all others present for joining the conversation!