Marketing material: your app on Windows Store

If you have an app published on the Windows Store, chances are you want to let the world know. Which visuals should you use? How about a Windows Store app badge. What’s the guidance and wording?

Since a few days you can find this guidance on the Windows DevCenter: Windows Store logos and usage specifications

The documentation contains the following:

  • License to Microsoft Marks
  • Windows badge info
  • License to Microsoft Marks
  • Windows Store badge
  • Windows Store tile
  • Tablet and laptop device chassis visuals: includes layered high-res .PSD files, with 10 images on different perspectives
  • Windows Store localized info and terms: for example, did you know that for Belgium we name it “Windows Store” in both French and Dutch, while in Afrikaans the Windows Store is called “Windows Winkel”. And in Luxembourgish we’ll just say “Windows Store” too. That makes it easy for all of us in BeLux area.
  • FAQ




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