Microsoft Webcafe #1 – Resources and notes

Yesterday we organized the first Microsoft Webcafe at the Palm Breweries in Steenhuffel. I was really happy to see familiar and lots of unfamiliar faces join this new informal web professionals get-together. Check out some of the pictures on our Facebook page.

Palm Breweries was quite a fitting location since in Belgium a café is automatically linked to beer and we have quite a tradition. Next events won’t always take place at a brewery but it did fit the context.


The event

We started with a guided tour of the Palm Brewery, after which we had presentations by Microsoft and four partner cases. More information on the partner cases:

  • PurePlexity: Brand new interactive platform for Vlerick.
  • Aaltra: User friendly domotica interface

We would like to thank all partners for presenting their cases.

Here is a collection of links that we mentioned during the event, either in the session or when talking to folks after the sessions.

  • Internet Explorer 9 Beta & HTML5
  • Silverlight
  • Microsoft Web Platform & Web Application Frameworks

Microsoft Webcafe 2 – 17 February 2011

Next event, register today for Thursday February 17th event at Combell ‘Café’ in Gent.