Slides and links from my ‘HTML5 Today’ talk at Web Camp Belgium

webcampbeRecorded content from our first Belgian Web Camp will be coming online on Channel9 Web Camp Belgium page. As of right now, the keynote by Scott Hanselman has just been published.
Update 30 Jan 2011: demos added in this post.

In the meantime, I wanted to give you early access to the slides from my “HTML5: What about Today?” talk I also did at the event.

In this session we introduced what HTML5 is all about and the approach Microsoft is taking with Internet Explorer 9. We then moved to looking at a few of the big blocks under the “HTML5 umbrella” and how you can start using them today:

  • HTML5 new markup and semantic tags
  • CSS3 with Transformations and WOFF (fonts)
  • Video and Audio
  • Canvas and SVG
  • ECMAScript 262