Start building apps on Windows 8 – Video training content (French)

As announced by our friends at the Microsoft Innovation Center, Renaud Dumont, their evangelist has put together a set of videos in the form of a training to get started on Windows 8 development.

If you speak French, check out the great work they have prepared and jumpstart your Windows 8 app development!  

This MOOC (in French) is an introduction to that new Windows 8 development environment. It’s meant for people who want to get started quickly.


With the videos, you’ll learn :

      • The new Windows 8 
      • WinRT, the framework for Modern apps  
      • 8 design principles for Windows 8 
      • What’s new for Web developers 
      • What’s new for .NET developers 
      • A few new controls…

Course :

1. Introduction :
2. Windows 8 design principles :
3. Development’s basics :

Resources :

Now that you’re ready to start developing your own Windows Store app, you probably want to dive into code… Here are some must-have resources:

Microsoft Belgium & Luxembourg:

The reference for every Windows developer in Belgium. Have a look at the agenda to know about all the Windows 8 events planned by Microsoft and the community.

Windows 8 Dev Camp In a Box :

A Hands-On kit containing all the labs you need to learn how to build Windows Store apps. It is available in JS/HTML and in C#/XAML.