StudentAppVenture, the Windows Phone 7 Developer Contest for Students : develop, submit and win

My colleagues are launching a very interesting Windows Phone 7 developer contest for students in Belgium and Luxembourg. If you are a student check-out the offers below and participate! Here’s the main info:


Are you a student ?

Would you like to get a free Windows Phone ?

Microsoft announces a new contest for students called StudentAppVenture. The concept is very simple. Develop three Windows Phone applications, submit them to the marketplace and win a Windows Phone.

The first 20 students to publish 3 Apps before December 31, 2011 will not only receive a Windows Phone but will also see their name published in the “Hall of Fame” on this blog, the official Microsoft Academic blog.


1. Visit the official contest rules first.

2. Register as Belgian student associated to your Dreamspark Account Contact your academic institution when you do not have access rights or alternatively, contact your Academic Program Manager.

2. Download the free windows phone developer kit and develop three windows phone 7 applications (entry)

3. Submit each entry to the certification process, an entry is eligible only when it is published publicly and available on the marketplace. Only the publishing date counts.

When the entry is accepted we recommend you to tweet with the hashtag “#WP7BE” “#Lievegoedhuys” “#Davidhernie” or tweet @academicbelux. You can also add a comment on the blog post of the campaign or on the wall of our facebook page ‘Microsoft Academic BeLux’. For example, you might tweet: “Just created a great WP7 with the URL of your app @msacademicbelux #WP7BE”

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit but each entry must be substantially unique and different. Updates are not considered as new entries. Multiple entries of the same applications will be disqualified.

4. Send an e-mail to containing following information:

  • Subject line : Contest WP7
  • Content should contain your name, academic institution, name of your submitted App, acceptance of publication of your name on the list of winners (yes/no).

This information will only be used for the contest.

5. Add this Academic blog link to your browser favorites, as we will update the list of the lucky winners on a regular basis – and new student competitions might be announced there too.